Taking Care of Earth Lesson for kids

Here is a quick lesson that can be used during Sunday school or anytime for Earth day.

  1. Topic Taking care of Earth

2.Scripture Genesis 2:15, Genesis 1:1

3. Materials

Gardening tools

Recycled items for crafts

Crafts supplies- glitter, glue, stickers, scissors

4. Target Audience– elementary aged children

5.Learning Goals

a.       To understand God created the Earth for us.

b.      To understand that we are supposed to take care of the Earth.

c.       To know ways that we can personally take care of Earth.

6. The Lesson

a.       HOOK – Ask kids if they know of some jobs where people are taking care of the Earth. Examples animal shelters, garbage truck drivers, recycle men, people who volunteer to pick up trash on highway, forestry workers, etc. Ask them if they think that God expects everyone to take care of Earth.

b.      BOOK – Read Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 2:15

c.       LOOK – Have gardening tools out and ask children if they know what these tools are and what they are used for? Explain the tools and have children come up and see what it is like to work with them. Ask the children if they think this is what God meant when he said Adam should take care of the Garden? Ask “Do you think that we should also care for Earth? Why?” Ask children for ways they can take care of the Earth. Write the ways on a board as the children tell you. Encourage them for good answers and make sure everyone feels like they are putting in.

Talk to children about being a creation of God and about how we can create   things too. Explain that we are going to create something using materials that have been used before and that recycling is part of taking care of the Earth. Then you can either have a craft that you have picked out to do or you can do the following.

Then show children that you have a table full of recycled materials for them to make any type of craft that they would like. Allow children to leave their masterpiece in the room to dry. Then after church they can have a showing for parents to come in and see all the crafts and take home their child’s work.

d. TOOK Have children take home their craft and challenge them to make sure their family starts doing at least one thing from the list they made. Sing He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands. Teach hand motions if you have time.

What are you doing for Earth Day with your kids?


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